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Thursday, April 16, 2015

What is Net Neutrality & its important?

Internet is built for easy access to knowledge, services and freedom of expression and speech as well without any interference or blocking. Talking about net neutrality until you have a clear understanding will be terrible and will sound like a technical sound phrase. Many of the internet users in India are aware of this hot discussion whereas those who are not can understand it from here.

Net Neutrality simply means that all the sites and traffic on the internet should be treated equally without any discrimination on basis of content, site or users. The net should be provided as an open network that all sites to be accessible equally with same access speed and at the same data cost.

In absence of net neutrality Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will be able to generate extra benefit from it like numerous ISPs are having a thought to charge companies for services like YouTube and Netflix etc. just because of the reason that these sites consume more bandwidth compared to other general sites.  Also in its absence the internet service that we are using now will completely get changed as there will be no free access instead there would be package plans.

Hence the supporters of Net neutrality demand that there should be no blocking to access any web site or content. There should be no throttling that ISPs intentionally slows down the speed of some sites and speed up other sites on basis of some preferences and benefits etc.

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